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Here are some other services we provide:
* Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
* finish carpentry, cabinet installation
* marble and granite countertops
*carpet and other fine flooring surfaces
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We offer shipping of fine hardwood flooring all over the USA ! From custom wide plank to pre finished . Call us for a price quote.

Quick Guide to Home Remodeling

Its your home, your space and you want to make the most of it! House remodeling is just the thing to go for, and there are some basic rules that will help you get your home not just in the best shape but appealing as well. Lets see what you can do to achieve the best effect.

  1. Floors

This is critical especially when it comes to kitchen remodeling, living room and bedroom remodeling and bathroom remodeling. You need to choose appropriate floors for each room. Custom hardwood floors do well for both the living room and bedroom. Choose ceramic tiling for your bathroom as it can withstand water and moisture. If you want to splurge, you can go for stone for the living room and the bedroom.

  1. Be practical

Function counts just as much as appeal, so make sure that as you go through each room, you think of how it will be used and then make it as functional as possible. Cabinet installation is critical in your kitchen and bathrooms, for example. Think about the size of cabinets that you want in relation to the size of the room. Floors, especially ceramic floors, should not be slippery if you have kids, invalids or old people living in your house. In other words, as much as you remodel for style, make sure that you are practical.

  1. Carpet installation

Youve seen homes with carpets in the wrong places. Carpets are an addition to your floor that makes it cozy, so choose with this in mind. If you are not putting in an expensive floor installation, you can use more carpeting to cover large parts of it. If you have spent good money on flooring however, reduce the carpeting so that you can show them off. Wall to wall carpet installations also tend to require maintenance before long and they will affect the look of a room, so where possible, leave them out.

  1. Colors

Today, the world celebrates color, but its too often that there is too much of it in a room. If you want lots of color, dont clutter a room with furniture. If you are going moderate, make sure to get your colors coordinated with schemes. If you dont have the eye for it, have an expert come in and advice.

  1. Ceilings and lighting

These are not parts of house remodeling that many people will think about until the last minute, but there are lots of ceiling finishes today that will literally transform a room. They are too many to mention here, so go online and do your research. Lighting fixtures are also important and there are plenty to choose from, so choose for appeal, long life and function.

Its all about how much creativity you put in. Dont hold back on your ideas. Get a scrap book together and see what your model new home will look like.